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Our mission is to empower nonprofits from all around the world and give them the tools they need to enhance their efforts, maximize their impact and reach their goals.

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Here at Simpfu we believe in your work and we hold your efforts in high esteem.

We know how lack of funding, limited resources and dependency on volunteers may distract you from reaching your goals. That’s why we want to bring our expertise and years of experience with Microsoft technologies to support your efforts and help you realize your goals in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Harness the power of Office 365 and move your organization ahead of the curve

Office 365 is available for free for nonprofits and enables your organization to reach new levels of productivity through efficient and effective practices carefully designed by Microsoft.

Give your board, staff and volunteers the means to work seamlessly across any kind of device, whether they are in the office or on the go.

From free email accounts and online document editing & sharing to video conferencing for seamless online collaboration, change the way your organization works once and for all. With software like Microsoft StaffHub and Teams you’ll remove all the hassle and inflexibility when it comes to team collaboration. Enjoy a completely customized communication and teamwork experience that will elevate your organization’s daily tasks. Outdated and ineffective work processes have no place in a modern nonprofit.

Accomplish more, make a greater impact, reach your goals

All it takes is the right set of tools to support your cause and the efforts of your team.

Whether you are a two person team or a large organization of thousands, Office 365 scales and adapts according to your needs.

Provide your staff with all the necessary tools to break geographical boundaries and take compliance and collaboration to the next level. Document sharing, video conferencing, integrated chat services and an intuitive team management software are just a few of the tools that will overhaul and streamline your team’s collaboration process and support your daily efforts.

What is Microsoft Azure
& Why Your Nonprofit Needs it

Microsoft Azure is an end to end software solution for all your organization's needs from cloud services, powerful analytics tools and large scale computing to web and mobile apps, networking, storage, and more, you’ll get everything you need to enable your team to deliver your organization’s mission effectively.

As a nonprofit you can get get advantage of the $3,500 annual credits donation towards your Azure portfolio of services and get started today.

How Can Azure Help You Reach Your Goals

Microsoft Azure offers you powerful organizational insights through end-to-end data intelligence to jumpstart innovation and optimize your workflow.

Revamp your security
Overhaul your operations with cloud technologies and Microsoft’s cutting edge security system that will safeguard your organization against cyber attacks and other threats.
Upgrade your workflow
Microsoft Azure will help you enhance the quality of your applications and streamline the way you build and deploy them.
Enlarge with Azure
We will make sure to implement Microsoft Azure seamlessly into your existing ecosystem thus helping you expand and scale your IT infrastructure and leverage it to achieve your mission.
Avoid all the hassle of complex installations and the burden of self-hosting since Microsoft will be responsible for managing everything. Thanks to Microsoft Philanthropies now you have the most powerful tools right at your fingertips completely for free.
Ready to truly overhaul the way your organization works?
We can help you. Contact us today and let us undertake everything from initial implementation to training your staff on all the latest Microsoft technologies available for your nonprofit.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Is Microsoft Office 365 really free for nonprofits?
Eligible nonprofits can receive Office 365 for free. Eligibility criteria is listed here.
How does the $3,500 in annual Microsoft Azure Credits work exactly?
Microsoft Azure is a suite of various Microsoft Services that you can mix and match according to your specific needs. As a nonprofit, Microsoft provides you $5,000 in credits annually which can be used towards any offering in the entire portfolio of Azure services. Find detailed information here.